At Ten 90 we believe our responsibilities extend beyond our clients and candidates, to include both the community and the environment. To this end we carefully select our partners and suppliers based on their dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In making a contribution towards a better world, at Ten 90 we aim to:

  • Maintain positive engagement with our staff, candidates and clients – as well as the community
  • Maintain high standards of ethics and integrity
  • Help to protect the environment
  • Operate an inclusive workplace where discrimination does not exist
  • Strive for excellence in everything we do

Sustainability lies at the very heart of everything we do. To achieve this we infuse our organisation with positive values with a view to creating a highly supportive and productive workplace. In addition we strive to minimise our environmental impact and operate ethically at all times, gaining the trust of our stakeholders, clients – and all our customers


We aim to strengthen our community in any way we can. This could mean interacting positively with local businesses, assisting individuals to find work within their local areas, carrying out charitable work on a local or national level to support our clients – or helping our staff achieve their own charitable fundraising objectives.

We also aim to give young people opportunities by working with local training providers – with a view to helping them build the skills they need to develop successful careers.


Maintaining high standards of morality, and integrity is extremely important for us here at Ten 90. Transparency is central to all our dealings with clients, candidates, partners and suppliers.

This ethical stance is apparent right through our organisation, from top level management down to customer service teams and we embrace and champion our core values at all times.


Pressure on the environment is not only caused by transport and manufacturing concerns. Here at Ten 90 we aim to reduce our overall energy consumption, source green suppliers, minimise our use of finite resources and reduce landfill by recycling.

Our staff members are also encouraged to be as environmentally friendly as possible, both in the office and at home. In order to reduce emissions, we promote the use of public transport for journeys to and from work. We also encourage cycling and walking. In addition we minimise business trips by harnessing the latest communication technology – such as video conferencing systems. When a face-to-face meeting must take place, we encourage the use of public transport where possible.


People are at the heart of everything we do. Technology may dominate our work in many regards, but ultimately human relationships are what we value most of all.

In our passionate promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), we aim to maintain a positive working environment that benefits our workers as well as our candidates and clients. We also support our clients in achieving their EDI aims.

Our recruitment process involves treating candidates in the same way, no matter their background, gender, ethnicity or physical ability. The same ethos applies to our job descriptions, adverts, interviews – and to our training and CPD processes.


Another central feature of our CSR policy is quality assurance. Superior standards of service and professionalism are expected of every member of our team. These standards meet and exceed those expected of us by our valued public sector clients and candidates.

Through regular process auditing, we ensure that all our candidates comply with applicable regulations, training and ability. We actively promote CPD and we quality assure our service regularly to ensure we are continuously improving


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